Mind The Lag

A multi-sensory performance piece that explores (dis)connection in the digital age.  

Digital Programme

Devisers' Note


MeatSPACE Theatre presents Mind The Lag, a multisensory performance piece that explores (dis)connection in the digital age, welcoming the dawning of a new era in theatre-making and performance techniques by blurring the origin of the live event.  

Utilising international performance spaces and mediated images, a digital avatar is born out of cyberspace and into the meatspace. Can an ‘avatar’ achieve agency outside the computerised world? As the audience watches these avatars acquire ever more human processing power, will they escape the productivity the matrix demands, or will they discover agency to escape to the unknown? 

New skin, new muscles, new limbs, a spine and a semi-functional digestive system are not the only things our avatars will discover as they explore captivity, consciousness, and connection. 

Remember, stay true and be free. Meet you in the meatspace.

Rehearsal Photos 

Creative Team

Gaurav Singh


Gaurav Singh is an Indian theatre-maker, improviser and arts manager whose artistic practice investigates live performance and audience-performer interactivity using technology and distanced composition. He brings together his training in spontaneous improvisation, interest in multilingual theatre and his professional experience in marketing, technology and design to explore new ways of engaging audiences, in the theatre, at home and otherwise. 


He is the General Manager at Kaivalya Plays, a Delhi-based independent theatre company known for their work in applied improvisation and adaptation of foreign-language texts, and the Communications & Community Manager at The Nursery Theatre, a London-based improvisational theatre company with students, performers and audiences spread out across the world. He also reviews theatre and art for the UK-based platform North West End UK.

Home Country: India

Course: MA Advanced Theatre Practice

Links: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

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Arthur Chen-Hao Pai


Pai produces shows of his own and with theatre companies, holding events and marches for the LGBTQ+ community. He develops his practice as a theatre practitioner and political activist in Taiwan. He has been involved with almost hundreds of productions since 2010, mostly, as director and producer. His specialty is presenting his plays in an abstract and non-verbal way, making use of diverse elements of unconventional materials to cohere issues that happened in the current time. He sees theatre art as not only an artistic aspect but also a greater form to reflect the society and culture of a place, especially standing at the side of the oppressed.

Home Country: Taiwan

Course: MFA Creative Producing

Links: Website | Instagram 


Mari Katsuno


Mari Katsuno is a designer with an interdisciplinary background who is currently pursuing an MFA Scenography at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has an interest in creating multi-media, multi-sensory spatial experiences.

Home Country: Japan

Course: MFA Scenography


Carly Altberg


Carly Altberg is an emerging scenographer and academic from Toronto, Canada. She received her undergraduate degree from The Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University and has recently completed an MFA in Scenography from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. Carly works with a bold sense of colour and movement and is often playful in her designs. Her research concerns building scenographic languages for the stage and growing accessibility for neurodivergent audiences and performers. Her designs are rooted in strong dramaturgical understandings and collaborative design processes. As an emerging designer, her work as lead designer has been with a variety of emerging theatre companies, devised productions and in festivals such as the Toronto Fringe. She has worked with companies such as Theatre Kingston, 4th Line Theatre, The Musical Stage Company and Thousand Islands Playhouse as an assistant set, costume and lighting designer in large venues around Canada. She currently works in both London, England and Toronto, Canada. Carly looks forward to a career in the arts that is fruitful with collaboration, experimentation and pushing the form to shift and change with society. 

Home Country: Canada

Course: MFA Scenography

Links: WebsiteInstagram

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Laura Lounge


Laura Lounge is an international actor and director, originally from Houston, Texas, USA. The majority of her professional work has been in Denver, Colorado where she calls home. With an ever expanding portfolio, her work ranges from Shakespeare and classics, to puppetry, to contemporary American theatre, to immersive experiences and performance art. She holds an MA Acting from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK and will be completing her MA Advanced Theatre Practice from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama this year. She would like to thank her collaborators on meatSPACE, for bringing their ideas, attitude, and time to this project. 'In these precarious times, how we show up for each other is paramount, and I could not have asked for a better team and co-creator.'

Home Country: United States

Course: MA Advanced Theatre Practice

Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter


Hector Huang


Hector is a Taiwanese writer and musician currently based in London. They write about the not so shiny and rainbow-y queer and human experience under an evolving society, and sing songs about existential crises. They specialise in combining narratives with sound, music, and visuals; they also compose original music and soundtracks for short films and theatre.


Their other interests include painting, puppetry, voice acting, and kendo. Their work was featured in High Tide Festival, Kent (2021), and their original song I Carved Your Name on a Cliff was shortlisted in the Original Music Category of the 2017 myfone Mobile Award in Taiwan.

Home Country: Taiwan

Course: MFA Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media

Links: Website | YouTubeInstagram


Esme Lowrey


Esme is a costume designer and maker from Devon, England. She is particularly  passionate about all things fantastical, conceptual and symbolic! 

Home Country: United Kingdom

Course: BA (Hons) Theatre Practice: Costume Construction

Links: Website |  Instagram

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Special Thanks

Lynne Kendrick / Nohar Lazarovich / Anna Smith / Alan Fielden / Maja Milatovic-Ovadia / Alex Hutson / Nick Wood / Joseph Parslow / Malachy Orozco / TSD & Media Department at RCSSD / CLUNK Theatre / Trevor White / Lauren Stone-Symes / Pei-Yu Huang / Advanced Theatre Practice Class of 2021/22.


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